Dog Kisses Chicken. Chicken Kicks Dog in the Head.

I’ve been working on part two of the Mexico City trip and should have that up this weekend. But I just had to share this very short video with you guys as it’s had me laughing all day long. While lounging in the backyard by the chicken coop this morning, I was taking some photos of Sasha and Piper together. One of my favorite activities.

It looked like they were about to kiss one another so I quickly switched to video. The following is what actually occurred.

Poor Sasha, she’s such a good sport when it comes to Piper. Even when Piper tries to steal her bone.

Just a little Saturday afternoon mirth for you. Now to get back to work on the Mexico City post…

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    1. I’ve got Sasha fairly well programed when it comes to little Piper. The bigger hens can hold their own, but Sasha knows that it’s not cool to mess with my fluffball of dumb bird.

      Piper’s training was not as successful. Dog bully.

    1. It seems to be the status quo these days to be rude, crass and violent. She would fit into the mix quite well. Actually, she and Donald Drumph do have similar hairstyles…uh oh, photoshop is calling me…

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