The Man Who Can Destroy Monsanto

If you see this man on the streets, give him a big hug! I imagine a giant statue of him at some point in the future. The plaque will read, “Paul Stamets, the man who single-handedly saved the planet from a poisonous chemical death.” This is a perfect representation of the emerging of a new way of thinking. People like you and I are finally beginning to see a new way to live in harmony with our environment. The dreamers are awakening and its spreading like wildfire! Can it be possible that we can solve the worlds hunger problems by not destroying the world in the process?

Paul Stamets, a mycologist, patented a very customized form of entomopathogenic Fungi back in 2006. This fungi can create a nearly PERMANENT solution by dealing with over 200,000 different invasive and crop hungry insects. Normally, these insects would avoid these deadly fungi due to a presence of spores that act as warning signals to insects. Paul has genetically removed these spores and thus, the red flag that would keep insects away. The bugs eat the fungi, because it’s oh so yummy, bring some back to share with the queen (because she demands it), and then they all die by turning into the fungi itself. From the inside out. What’s left? A culture of more fungi to lie in wait for the next attack. And you can leave all your dishes and glasses in the cupboards and keep your pets and children at the house while it’s happening!

This completely safe and 100% organic form of pest control creates a whole new world order for agriculture. Once the fungi is present, it stays almost indefinitely, which means those pests won’t return. Do you have carpenter ants or termites slowly eating away at your house? Just place a little petri dish of this fungi on your window sill and walk away. No more tenting and dusting your entire home with deadly toxic chemicals.

Oops, you spilled 20 tons of oil in a nature preserve? Clumsy oaf! Drop a few spores of another type of fungi and it will actually break down the oil and add nutrients back into the environment! For real.

Cutworms munching away all of your corn harvest? Introduce a designer ‘shroom to your fields and walk away. Go count the money your saving on god awful chemical pesticides. Or go count the bees that are now returning to the world. This is the all too possible world of biopesticides.

I can not do the science enough justice to continue explaining all of the potential benefits that we are beginning to learn, so I strongly urge you to take the time to watch this man describe the magic of his discoveries. This is huge people!

This research and patent has gone suspiciously under the radar since its 2006 introduction. I can’t help but feel its under very nefarious circumstances. Monsanto made almost 16 billion dollars last year. If this information were to get spread, it spells certain doom for the chemical pesticide companies. So I challenge you, my dear reader, to do the good work and spread this word to all that will listen! Sing it from the mountain tops! Help to usher in a new world of ecological balance and harmony. Huzzah!

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  1. James, I have not taken time to watch the video.Apologies for that. I have one of Stametz’s books sitting on my shelf (unfortunately unread). I love the idea of cleaning up my wastewater and toxic chemicals with fungi. The idea of GMOing them to attack specific bugs leaves me cold. It sounds like another engineering toolkit, bio rather than chemical, How does this fit into the ecological approach that varied species in balance will keep pests to a tolerable minimum?

    1. Well, without spores, I’d imagine that the spread will be able to be kept in check. It’ll also be focusing on insect populations that live off of man made crops, which wouldn’t effect the general population of natural insect habitats. I, admittedly, am a novice at the actual practical applications. But I am anxiously awaiting with baited breath!

  2. Very interesting indeed! I’m surprised Monsanto hasn’t put a patent on his work with fungi yet – heaven knows they’ve tried everything else

  3. YEAH MAN!! I found out about the oh so wise Paul Stamets few years back. He can save the world in so many ways.
    So glad you posted about him. Check out the Turkey Tail fungi that cured his mom of cancer. Amazing.

  4. I’m so glad you’ve found and have fallen in love with Stamets’ work. He’s amazing and doing amazing things- much like yourself! I’m an amateur Myco hunter myself, mostly focusing on Chaga, Maitake, and other medicinals, but know nowhere near enough yet! Another person you’d no doubt be interested in is Pascal Baudar- he’s local to Cali and has a brain, heart, and stomach packed to the gills with wild food knowledge, including mushrooms. Check him out!

  5. Aggie. Watch it and then see if you have your question. I believe he answered it. So you have a book and this video. You haven’t read or watched and you have questions. Read the book and watch this and I don’t think you would be asking this. It’s like coming to class late. Missing the teaching and then asking questions that were already addressed and we all sit and say to ourself “well if she was here ah would know”. But nope. You were not ready yet. Watch then ask. Lol. Sorry it is just amazing we spent the time to learn and the first question we read is yours. I was like. What? Did she not listen? And then I see you did not. Spend some time. It’s awesome.

  6. Who knows how safe this is – It obviously isn’t organic if it itself is a GMO. It does seem better than monsatan’s ‘solutions’ on the face of it.

  7. u (correctly) criticize monsanto but see a solution in a GMO?????????

    2 basic measures required by the world are decent wages and population stabilization (to reduce pressure on natural resources). Great Other benefits (including the disappearance of the justification of GMO to cover the need for an ever increasing population) will result accordingly

    1. Would you accept a lesser of two evils in this case? This is a modified fungus not for human consumption, but as an alternative to chemical pesticides.

      And what do you recommend when you say population stabilization? I’ve often secretly hoped for a new super predator to thin our herds a bit. But that kind of thinking is on shaky ground at best.

  8. It is my opinion that any corp that commits crimes against humanity be tagged, charged, have all of their assets seized and their board members, directors and top 500 stockholders jailed. They don’t deserve to exist and burning in hell is too good for them.

  9. You would fit in well with Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and the WEF. Things have changed somewhat since 2017

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