Bonsai Style Inspiration: Ficus Macrophylla (Moreton Bay Fig) and Developing Root Flare


Nebari 2
A beautiful and well developed cypress bonsai nebari. Via

An amazing and beautiful design element in bonsai is the root flare or nebari. Also known as buttressing, this method is a perfect way to make a bonsai appear ancient, grounded and well anchored to the growing medium. Without it, bonsai tend to look like you just stuck a stick in the dirt and the viewer is not awed and their mind remains un-blown. Continue reading “Bonsai Style Inspiration: Ficus Macrophylla (Moreton Bay Fig) and Developing Root Flare”

A Sea of Green: Responsibly Maintaining a Green Lawn During a Drought

I can’t believe I’m about to write a blog post about growing grass in the middle of a drought! I feel kinda crappy about it. But this is for the people out there that aren’t quite ready to dive in and remove their lawns just yet. Maybe it’s because you’re like me and can’t quite afford it yet or maybe it’s for emotional reasons.

Whatever the reason, let’s just say that despite living in Southern California during a record drought you still want to have that green grass under foot. I fully realize how reckless and selfish this want is. I fully understand how much this want goes against everything that I preach here on Mind Your Dirt. But when I look into these baby blues and see the joy that the green grass brings to my girl, all of that melts away in an instant.

Sasha with those Blue Eyes
“Please Father, may I have some grass?”

How can I refuse her? Short answer? I can’t. Continue reading “A Sea of Green: Responsibly Maintaining a Green Lawn During a Drought”

How to Repot a Bonsai: The Chinese Elm

I’m not exactly certain as to how old my Chinese Elm bonsai is. I know it’s the oldest bonsai I have in my collection, but I am not the first owner so I can’t be sure its exact age. Lets just say it’s old and leave it at that. Old enough for me to have been afraid to repot it for the last few years. Today is the day where I must get over that fear and dive in head first.

It’s growth has been stunted the last year and a half, so I just know that the pot it getting root bound and the soil is spent. It’s time to sh*t or get off the pot, if you will. So, with that said, let’s dive in!

Here it is in its shabby state.

1b_Chinese Elm
Chinese Elm Bonsai

Try to ignore the wild growth on the left side, I’m trying to create some new branching so it’s gonna look unsightly for a while. Notice instead the general lack of foliage and the shabbiness of the soil. Gross!

3_Chinese Elm Detail
Chinese Elm Nebari

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