Backyard Progress Report: May 2015

Spring has sprung and it shows in my sore back and dirty fingernails. Everything has been properly fertilized and fresh compost and mulch has been added to all the beds. After last Summer’s record heat wave and the on-going drought, I simply must be prepared for yet another year of gardening on the surface of the sun. A full check on all the micro-irrigation lines as well as a thick layer of mulch should help out.

I’ve also made an attempt to reduce the water usage for my evil lawn. The house-flippers added that before I bought the house and I’ve been cursing it ever since. Like a giant fattened screaming baby with a diaper rash, this lawn demands so much and just screams out for more. It goes against everything I stand for to have such a thirsty and needy thing. But then I see Sasha rolling around in it with a goofy smile and I melt.

Sasha in the Grass
Sasha in the Grass

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Repurposing an unused clothesline: The $50 instant patio!

The summer sun in my neck of the woods is crazy intense. I can usually work outside for about an hour when I begin to hear and smell what can only be described as sizzling bacon. That, as it turns out, is my skull cooking my brains. Now, I love bacon so I just keep on working. Continue reading “Repurposing an unused clothesline: The $50 instant patio!”