The Man Who Can Destroy Monsanto

If you see this man on the streets, give him a big hug! I imagine a giant statue of him at some point in the future. The plaque will read, “Paul Stamets, the man who single-handedly saved the planet from a poisonous chemical death.” This is a perfect representation of the emerging of a new way of thinking. People like you and I are finally beginning to see a new way to live in harmony with our environment. The dreamers are awakening and its spreading like wildfire! Can it be possible that we can solve the worlds hunger problems by not destroying the world in the process?

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Danger from Above!

Uh oh campers. I just was out in the chicken paddock feeding Hamilton the pig and the rest of the flock. I was hand feeding Mia, the Easter Egger chicken, when she jumped, squawked and bolted in a frenzy. The other girls were right behind her and in an instant they were taking shelter in my Satsuma orange tree. All of them except for Piper, the partridge silkie. Being intellectually challenged and partially blinded by the giant poof ball of a head, she continued munching on her dinner like nothing was amiss. Continue reading “Danger from Above!”

From Pest to a Beautiful Garden Visitor

One morning while walking the garden, I noticed what looked like bird poop on one of my lemon tree leaves. My eagle eyes usually don’t miss even the smallest of changes to my garden! When I leaned in to get a closer look, I realized that it wasn’t poop at all, but a small caterpillar. Continue reading “From Pest to a Beautiful Garden Visitor”