Danger from Above!

Uh oh campers. I just was out in the chicken paddock feeding Hamilton the pig and the rest of the flock. I was hand feeding Mia, the Easter Egger chicken, when she jumped, squawked and bolted in a frenzy. The other girls were right behind her and in an instant they were taking shelter in my Satsuma orange tree. All of them except for Piper, the partridge silkie. Being intellectually challenged and partially blinded by the giant poof ball of a head, she continued munching on her dinner like nothing was amiss.

I didn’t even need to turn around and look to the sky, I knew what it was. They get cautious when airplanes fly over, but this could mean only one thing. The beautiful and deadly Peregrine Falcon has returned! So what’s my immediate reaction? Run inside and get the camera! With the zoom lens! I walked slowly towards his perch taking photos as I did in case he flew away. I couldn’t get around to his front side where the sun would’ve lighted him better, so this was the best shot I could get before he took off.

Peregrine Falcon

I did, however, get an excellent shot of Hamilton’s backside before going to the computer to share this with all of you. You are welcome!

Pig Butt
Hamilton’s milkshake is better than yours!

That’s a fine booty you got there sir! I digress…

Okay, now I don’t think that the falcon will go for my girls whereas they are of equal size. Piper may be in danger, she’s a bit smaller and, as I’ve mentioned, fairly stupid. This is how she looks up at things…

Piper! Look up! Good girl.
Piper! Look up! Good girl.

…great job Piper! But up is in the other direction. It’s okay, you probably can’t see through your puffiness anyways. Go back to being cute and not very bright.

Anyways, I can’t seem to decide if I am glad to have a peregrine falcon in the hood or not. In such an urban area, it’s great to see something so majestic and powerful but I can’t help feel like there’s a fox in the hen house. Wait, that metaphor should just be literal. Ahem…I can’t help think that a bird of prey is in my hen house. I’ve touched upon having pests in the garden and how I deal with that, but this is a bit more serious. He’s a raptor! The last of what remains of the dinosaurs and he’s here for some serious business.

So, I’ve decided that I will embrace his majesty and just keep an eagle eye out for him from now on. The girls reaction time was impressive and I think Hamilton will do his best to protect young Piper. Perhaps I can train him?! I can be a falconer like Yanni! Huzzah!

Yanni as Falconer
Yanni as a falconer

I bet you didn’t know that about Yanni. Sorry for the shabby photo, It’s from many years ago and may have been shot inside a bar from a magazine or book. It’s best you don’t ask.

That’s it friends, I just wanted to share the play by play. As it happens, in real time. That’s the kind of blogging I’m bringing to the table! Cheers, and keep an eye to the sky!

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    1. All the falcon would have to do is bring a carrot and Hamilton would serve up the chickens on a silver platter. “more alfredo sauce mister falcon?”. His priorities lie elsewhere.

  1. Just a friendly correction from a bird-nerd: Based on the banding on the tail and the pale iris, this appears to be a Cooper’s hawk, not a peregrine falcon.

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