From Pest to a Beautiful Garden Visitor

One morning while walking the garden, I noticed what looked like bird poop on one of my lemon tree leaves. My eagle eyes usually don’t miss even the smallest of changes to my garden! When I leaned in to get a closer look, I realized that it wasn’t poop at all, but a small caterpillar. Continue reading “From Pest to a Beautiful Garden Visitor”

Passion fruit vine as a natural privacy fence

You’ve heard of keeping up with the Jones’ before. How about keeping away from the Jones’? Sometimes having a bit of privacy for your yard is a great way to escape into your own paradise without the feeling of prying eyes. Seriously, weird guy who lives in a RV and drinks brandy from red Solo cups. What’s your deal? Perhaps today is a good day for pants?! I digress. Continue reading “Passion fruit vine as a natural privacy fence”

Composting 101: Don't overthink it!

A word about the role of compost

Dark and nutrient rich compost is a must have for any gardener. In this day and age, chemical fertilizers are destroying commercial farming, polluting our groundwater and are very costly. I will never ever recommend you using chemicals in your yard (or even in your home for that matter). Your children and pets play in the yard and will be exposed to all of those chemicals. My girl Sasha is way too cute to be slowly poisoned just because I want to take the easy way out. Would you poison this little girl? Yeah, me either. I mean, look at that sweet face. Hold on, I need to go scratch her belly real quick. Got myself all a’twitterpated. Continue reading “Composting 101: Don't overthink it!”