Mind Your Dirt gets Interviewed by UC San Diego Students

I wouldn’t call myself a nosy neighbor, but I do consider myself more observant than the average person. So when I came home from work and saw some youngsters eyeing the vacant lot next to my property, I couldn’t help snooping.

When I approached, they introduced themselves as UC San Diego students that are taking a Food Justice course. They are looking at vacant lots in San Diego neighborhoods that are at risk for becoming food deserts in hopes of transforming them into community gardens. They are also working closely with the San Diego Food System Alliance which you should check out!

Well, those of you that know me or have been loyal readers (thank you!) know that I can’t resist an opportunity to talk about one of my favorite subjects…growing stuff! I offered my services in whatever capacity they required in order to grease the wheels of what seemed a noble project.

They sent me an email questionnaire that I filled out immediately and with great fervor. Something in my patented nonsensical ramblings made these young students hunger for more nonsensical ramblings. And who am I to deny anyone fool enough to show interest in the words of this crusty mud-caked mustachioed jackass?

I then found out that their professor, Keith Pezzoli PhD, is a gentleman that I’ve worked with many times at the Ocean View Growing Grounds! This man is a good friend of Mind Your Dirt and an advocate for food justice. We love him!

Based on my enthusiasm (and before I name dropped their professor) the students asked if they could burden me with a video interview in my yard talking about my projects and schemes. What!? Me talk about something I love that no one else seems to want to talk about!? How rude! I tried to act all aloof and was like, “whatevs, if you really really want to…I guess it’s cool”. You know, trying to appeal to the millennials and not have my nerd flag fly too proudly. Meanwhile I was actually like, “Fan-fucking-tastic!! Lets do this young minds hungry for knowledge! Professor Gielow is ready!!”

So we set up a time.

And the following is the edited result of my patented nonsensical ramblings.

With music.


 [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB9uZtOQYnU&w=1280&h=720]

13 Replies to “Mind Your Dirt gets Interviewed by UC San Diego Students”

  1. Congratulations! Piper stole the show. You grow bananas and lemons!?! Wish I could grow those up north … but I’ll have to be satisfied with tomatoes, purple potatoes, and grapes.

    1. She always does. Cute tiny fluffball. Always following me around and yelling at me to stop being a big stupid ape.

      It’s cool, I’m used to it.

      The citrus does super well here for sure. I’m like a mile from a town called Lemon Grove. Lots of warm sunshine here.

      The bananas finally bloomed but the fruit seems frozen in time and just stopped growing. If it keeps up this way, I’ll have tiny little bullshit bananas. But, ice cream variety! So… There’s something.

  2. Jim. my Hat is off to you. Your videos are the best. They need someone like you here in the rundown parts of the buffalo area. Your Hamilton Boulevard Fan, Mrs. D.

    1. Thanks auxiliary mom (I have three moms, my real mom, you and Sharon Scioli)! I wanted to add to my mom pool with two Italians because of the food. It was the smartest decision I made as a young man, I would often get double dinners!

      Regardless, thank yo for your continued kind words and support! I love you Marie.

    1. Cheers! About four years ago they changed the county codes from having a coop 50 feet from a fence line to ten feet. This opened up the chicken possibilities for tons of urban farmers! We can also have two goats. not one, and not three. Just two.

      This was perfect timing for when I bought the house! Although we can’t have roosters unless we have a full acre of land. Not that it stops anyone in my neighborhood from having them. My next door neighbor has two roosters that wake me up every morning. Two roosters and no hens. What’s the point? They aren’t for fighting, just pets, but I’d wager good money that fighting happens a lot in my neighborhood 🙁

    1. Thanks Lauren! I’d like to have more videos on Mind Your Dirt to make it a little more personable, but I’m so camera shy. I’m working on it…

      Piper helps a lot. I’ll just wear her as a hat and it’ll distract from my face.

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