Gettin’ Inside the Weed’s Head: Kill It with Fire

You may have been wondering what happened to me and where I’ve been. You may also have been wondering why I didn’t stay away longer. If it’s the former, I’ve been doing some behind the scenes work on Mind Your Dirt. I switched it over to a self-hosting site so that I can completely sell out as I was too rife with integrity and needed to balance the scales a bit. It is my hope that you have all made it over to the new The Interweb site and I haven’t lost anyone in the process (there was a scary moment the night before last!).

I have a few riveting posts just waiting to be posted and you will be seeing those…ahem…post haste! Sorry.

In the meantime, while I finish tweaking the code, polishing the logo, and putting a bow tie on Piper; please enjoy this interlude of death and destruction. Remember, gardening with danger is the only way to garden!

It’s that time again campers. Time to clean out the weeds in my pathways and flagstone. I never thought in a million years that the idea of weeding would make me all giddy with excitement. But ever since I deployed the new method of “Death by Flamethrower”, this whole process has become infinitely more enjoyable. I especially like taking the time to get all up in the weed’s head. Once you’re in there, they don’t stand a chance. Observe…


No weed, no seed and no mercy! Thank you for watching.

22 Replies to “Gettin’ Inside the Weed’s Head: Kill It with Fire”

    1. You’re soaking in it! Technically this is the new site. Although I haven’t changed anything outwardly, the back end is all tweaked.

      Soon, you’ll be seeing commercials of me selling organic cleaning products and test driving Tesla’s.

      So I took all my subscribers and hurried them along while you slept and then dumped you in a new Mind Your Dirt world!

      1. Oh good! Sometimes when people move over to self-hosted sites it doesn’t show up in WordPress anymore and I lose the ability to follow them. I wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of loss in my life right now.

          1. Just put tape over my microphone and web cam YA WEIRDO. JK.

            In other news, you will be proud of me. I have a tomato plant growing out of control with many tomatoes on it because I actually planted one in good dirt this year. So yay me and my green thumb. Previous years tomatoes have been sorely disappointing. I LOVE “REAL” tomatoes not the fake ones from the store.

          2. Well done!! One thing to remember, never plant tomatoes in the same place the following year! Crop rotation is important with tomatoes as they deplete the soil of many nutrients. When they’re done, plant some cover crop or something in the legume family.

          3. I am glad to read your post though. I was starting to get a little worried that you fell off the blog-o-sphere. I started to message you last night but a squirrel walked by and I got distracted. *SQUIRREL*

          4. Did you get the squirrel?! Those things must be got!

            I was getting blog itchy the whole month of June! I kept writing them and then not posting them while tackling technical nonsense and forcing my silence.

  1. James – I really like the new direction – too many people think gardening is just for people who like to relax with quiet meditation. More items about destroying things with fire and otherwise please!!!

  2. I literally LOLed as I watched that weed burn. Good for you for making the leap to self-hosted. I’m too chicken because whenever my back end gets all tweaked, I can’t play golf.

    1. Haha! It was very traumatic for me to finally make the leap. I was convinced that everything would be lost forever. There have been a few bugs here and there, but relatively smooth sailing.

      I haven’t even begun playing around with all the plug-ins available. I’m excited to see what’s out there. So far, the analytics have been infinitely more in depth. So much to learn still. To thine self be hosted!

  3. Lol Jim! Now we need a post about how to control fleas in the yard…. Without dropping some death juice all over it. Any experience with that?

  4. Thanks! We thought about just moving out and letting the fleas take over, but have resolved to trying a few remedies first. Turns out they have been multiplying from a skunk living under our shed. He’s been evicted.

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