Gettin’ Inside the Weed’s Head: Kill It with Fire

You may have been wondering what happened to me and where I’ve been. You may also have been wondering why I didn’t stay away longer. If it’s the former, I’ve been doing some behind the scenes work on Mind Your Dirt. I switched it over to a self-hosting site so that I can completely sell out as I was too rife with integrity and needed to balance the scales a bit. It is my hope that you have all made it over to the new The Interweb site and I haven’t lost anyone in the process (there was a scary moment the night before last!).

I have a few riveting posts just waiting to be posted and you will be seeing those…ahem…post haste! Sorry.

In the meantime, while I finish tweaking the code, polishing the logo, and putting a bow tie on Piper; please enjoy this interlude of death and destruction. Remember, gardening with danger is the only way to garden!

It’s that time again campers. Time to clean out the weeds in my pathways and flagstone. I never thought in a million years that the idea of weeding would make me all giddy with excitement. But ever since I deployed the new method of “Death by Flamethrower”, this whole process has become infinitely more enjoyable. I especially like taking the time to get all up in the weed’s head. Once you’re in there, they don’t stand a chance. Observe…

No weed, no seed and no mercy! Thank you for watching.