The Chickens are in Full Production Mode!

It looks like Red has joined the ranks of an egg producing member of the flock! Now I’m just waiting on Piper and Tesla to follow suit. Very soon I’ll have more eggs then I can eat so it will be time to share with my neighbors and friends. Neighbors first because they are the ones that put up with the noise these girls make in the morning. They basically holler at the world until I come out in the morning and say hello. Once they see me and get a little hand-fed breakfast treat, they stay pretty quiet.

Mia has been making a habit of flying over the fence to do some landscaping of her own. She lacks the skills and has no sense of feng shui! I may have to trim her flight feathers to preserve my oasis. I’ve never done that before and while I know it doesn’t hurt them at all (it’s like trimming your nails or getting a haircut), I still feel bad for taking away what little flying skills she has. We’ll see if I can muster the will to do it today.

But first, I’ll have some yummy eggs and bacon. One of the eggs is still warm.

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