One Lovely Blog Award! Huzzah!

What a wonderful honor to be nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award!! Thank you so much Railway Parade House and Garden!! Such a great way to close out 2014. Although I just started my blogging experiment in October of this year, I have already met so many warm, supportive and like-minded fellow bloggers.

I really look forward to sharing all the adventures in 2015! I’m really beginning to find my voice here and I can’t thank all my readers enough for all their warm support and kind comments! You’ve all really inspired me to keep going! I’m so tickled by this award that I changed my logo a bit to reflect my humble appreciation.

As part of this award, I’m supposed to share five things about myself. So here goes…

-The most impacting thing in my life these last few years has been losing my father to brain cancer in 2010. It’s served to push me to create more beauty in the world. It’s made me realize that I am not immortal after all. It’s also taught me the meaning of life. It’s all love. My capacity for loving has increased tenfold since then. Loss teaches us that.

-Although I received my BFA in photography, I’ve spent the last 10 years working at an art museum. Mostly building seismic mounts for our objects. I get to spend a lot of time in the vaults handling the most amazing antiquities. It’s a rare honor to do so.

-I’m a huge nerd. My dad was an astronomer and I was pretty much raised by scientists. I love sci-fi movies and books. Also really into fantasy. I love physics and am perpetually fascinated by the universe. I wear being a nerd as a badge of honor and have never been ashamed of it!

-I’m on a personal mission to re-civilize the world. I’m deathly allergic to rudeness, baseness, and vulgarity of spirit. I wish people were simply more patient and present these days. If I see any examples where they aren’t, I like to gently call them out on it. Put away your cell phones for a few minutes and talk to a stranger. It’s almost like people are afraid to be idle and quiet. Just exist in the moment and be open to others. You’d be amazed as to what marvelous roads it will lead you to.


-I’ve been to just about every state in the Union, but have never been to any other countries that don’t border the USA. As I get older, I begin to feel more panic about my lack of traveling. It’s always been a money or time issue. At least that’s what I’ve always told myself. I’m hoping to soon have a renaissance period of my life where I’ll make up for that.

Well, there’s some stuff you didn’t know before. I think now I should nominate some other bloggers that have impressed me with their insights and observations. Those like-minded people I mentioned earlier.


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Thanks again to Railway Parade House and Garden for the nomination! Have a wonderful New Year everyone!!

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  1. Congrats, Jim! You totally deserve some lauds for your prolific, entertaining and informative efforts at sharing how one man can make a difference! Kudos and may 2015 bring many more Dirty posts! 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you accepted the award, you deserve it. I love what you have done with your yard and your blog has made a great impact in such a short space of time. I’m definitely hooked! 🙂

    1. Thank you Matt! It’s your nomination that made my logo blush. I am so pleased with the warm reception I’ve been getting from old friends and new! Just when I get the voice in my head that says, “no one wants to hear or see your drivel, you should just give up”, friends like you show up and make it all worth the effort and renew my confidence. Cheers and happy new year!

  3. I’m a brand new follower as well. I happened to see your blog link in a post and checked it out. I like the conversational tone of your posts, and they are informative! You inspired me to really dig deep with my backyard and I vow to make it beautiful for once and for all!

    1. Ahh, now you see Delia, this is exactly why I’m doing all this! To get people inspired! This really warms my heart to hear. You keep coming back and ask me whatever you like! Now go get that yard!

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