Designing a Giant Greenhouse for the Ocean View Growing Grounds

So, I may have mentioned this before, but I do some volunteer work at a local community garden that’s right around the corner from my house. It’s a huge lot that has been generously rented to us by the land owner for some ridiculous amount. Like $5 a year or the like. He did this because he wanted to see something worthwhile on this vacant lot and decided to go the route of saint in this noble gift to the community. How often does that happen in this world? Especially with the cost of real estate in Southern California!
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Designing and Building my own Chicken Coop

Why should you raise chickens?

Once upon a time, humans thought it a jolly good idea to chase all manners of herbivores all over the face of the earth as they migrated this way and that. They didn’t do it because they were bored or thought that gazelle had nice butts, although they did. They did this because of the reoccurring gurgling sound and all around hollow feeling you get when you’re hungry.

Then one day, someone got a bright idea. “What if we simply catch some of these animals and trap them in a largish boxish thing so they can’t run away. Let’s call it a… paddock, yes a paddock! Then, when our bellies make the awful gurgling hollow sound and our heads go all dizzy, we can milk or eat one of them!” Lets call our hero Ugh. When Ugh suggested this with his series of guttural grunts and clicks, all the others in his nomadic tribe were dumbfounded. They feared him a demon of some sorts and instantly beat him to death with a large rock. So it goes for Ugh.

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