The Backyard Progress Report: December 2014

Happy New Year to all my friends out there on the Interwebs. I thought I’d take the morning to snap a few photos of random whatsits around the yard. Of course, Mia was out and causing trouble. Luckily the cold weather hasn’t done any noticeable damage to any of the plants. I’m leery of complaining about the cold weather living here in SoCal when compared to the rest of the country. So I won’t complain, I’ll just gently and softly mention that it’s been a wee bit chilly. Why just the other night, I had to wear a coat!! The very idea! Anyway, here are some nice photos to gaze your eyes upon… Continue reading “The Backyard Progress Report: December 2014”

Curb Appeal! When life gives you lemons, say "screw these lemons, I'm gonna make a garden!"

About a year ago, I thought it would be a nice idea to plant a few ornamental grasses on the front edge of my fence. A way to bring joy and beauty to the good folk walking down the street. Also a way to say, “Hey, lets not revel in our vacant dirt lots and display our garbage on the front lawn like we are on the show Sanford and Sons. Let’s instead create some spaces to be proud of and try to class up the neighborhood.” So I did. Continue reading “Curb Appeal! When life gives you lemons, say "screw these lemons, I'm gonna make a garden!"”

Planting a Winter Garden: Status Report

It’s been one week since I sowed the seeds for soil repair. I’ve been watching closely hoping for some green sprout to push its way through the rich dark top soil. Well, get your machete and your local trail guide ready, because the brush is getting thick my gentle readers! Continue reading “Planting a Winter Garden: Status Report”