Piper is a Total Stalker!

For whatever reason, Piper loves nothing more than to follow me around the yard all day long. I have to be extra vigilant to not plow her over with my big hairless-ape feet. If I stop too quickly, she will often run right into my legs and fall backyards in a very cartoonish manner. Watching her little fuzzy legs feverishly trying to correct herself makes my heart swell and burst every time.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ImxSs8q7ug&w=1280&h=720]

Does anyone else have chickens that do this? Is it a silkie thing? Or do I need to get a restraining order?[paypal_donation_button]

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    1. How big of a flock do you have Bonnie? My flock is but six, but it’s growing. I’m in the city, so I’m a wee bit limited. But I plan on turning this inner city into a vast oasis.

          1. Who will serve the papers? Actually, the very idea makes me sad. I love her obsessive love. Can’t even joke about pushing her away without feeling bad. She’s had such a sad chicken life. Lost her brother. Lost her bestest pig friend. Constantly beat up by bullies and then bit in the ass by a puppy. I’m all she’s got. Oh, and Sasha to kick in the head.

  1. Awwwww she totally imprinted on you. I have had only about 7 chickens fully imprint for my entire flock, and that is one of reasons that handling a lot as chicks is good for your feathered friends! Not all chickens will do this so you have a very special friend

    1. About half my hens are like that with me. This season I hatched 7 chicks and each one saw me as they were emerging. So far all 7 are treating me like mother hen. If you check out the Mind Your Dirt Facebook page, you can see some really cute photos. Me, Sasha (my husky), and Knuckles (a month old chick) all cuddled up together.

      There’s little I adore more than cross-species friendships. Makes my heart all warm and squishy.

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