2015 in review

It would appear that Mind Your Dirt has completed its journey around the sun. Actually, our anniversary was in October. What did you buy us as a gift? In lieu of that, check out our meager stats.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 25,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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    1. I owe it all to Piper, my silkie hen. Cute fuzzball adorable factor drives Internet traffic every time. I also threaten to punch all my friends (offline of course) that don’t read my posts.

      I blog with an iron fist.

          1. Good point. Just sayin’. At this point the only thing they could do to redeem themselves is to wear a Mind Your Dirt t-shirt everywhere they go for the next month. It’s only right.

          1. Or maybe I’ve taken your stats and added them to my own…mwhahahaha! Your blog will be assimilated into the Mind Your Dirt Collective…

            Sorry, nerded out a little there. I’m fine now.

          2. It is my duty. Just pretend that the contracts are so well reviewed and vendors so well wrangled that you had to laugh out loud. It may help to scream out “eureka!” after the chuckle…

          3. That could not be farther from the truth my friend. I think it is going to be one of those nights where the contracts and vendor paperwork comes home with me for a lurid night of review and red pen by the fire.

          4. Don’t temp me. I think some of your creative language could be useful in some of these documents. But, somehow I think they would be returned to me with little drawings of mustaches and dirt marks from your garden. These contracts and vendor shenanigans pay for my next trip…without that “next” trip what sort of mystic blog magic would I impress you with on my blog?

          5. I have a few in the hopper here that should hopefully make you happy. A few more from Ireland and a few from the way back machine in Utah. I am itching to plan my next trip? Any ideas? I want to go somewhere by myself in 2016 if possible because I haven’t done that in a while. Naturally all I am thinking about is a cruise down the Nile or something like that. Or maybe to visit a friend in Germany. I have also had a hankering to get back down to Joshua Tree NP which is a little closer to you than me up here in NorCal.

          6. I’m too jealous to respond in a helpful manner. Give me a moment…

            I can’t say enough about Joshua Tree! Amazingly beautiful area and a great place to camp and take photos!

            Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? I adore that island immensely. And it’s rich port.

            The Nile sounds like a dream trip for me. If you ever need a professional photographer you let me know. Did you know I shot weddings for eight years? Worked for some studios too. That’s what I went to school for actually. Which explains how I ended up in a museum?!

            Either way, I’m your man if you need!

          7. We must join forces for a photography-off some day. I don’t remember knowing that you were a photog but I have noticed you have a great eye from your website. Cut to the photo taken low from the ground of your offending weeds. You did weddings? Me too. Aren’t they a “special” form of photography?

            I haven’t ever been to Puerto Rico. I am open to try anything. A lot of what I want to do it probably too expensive. And I am a little worried about getting any time off work this year due to some project go-lives. But, we will see what I can sneak in. When I work hard they feel sorry for me and give me time off usually. πŸ˜‰

          8. No kidding! Small world. Yes, weddings are a good chunk of the reason I don’t do much freelance shooting anymore. Great money, but so stressful if you get one of those kinda couples. You know of which I speak.

          9. OH yes. We’ll have to talk more offline about that. I am happy to report that most of my weddings and brides, and their families, have been wonderful. I do a lot of them on my own. But, thankfully I do a lot as a second shooter with another photographer. She handles all the advertising, planning, and editing. I just show up on the wedding day which takes a lot of the pressure off of me. The bonus for me is it pays for my equipment which I then get to enjoy when I travel. Do you still have some nice cameras? I shoot Nikon…

            Pay no attention to a lot of the cell phone stuff I put on my site because it is what I have with me…

          10. Same here on all accounts. Nikon, and an old Mamyia 645. I also began working as a second shooter to alleviate some of the workload. And I often use my cell phone for blog photos because it’s convenient.

          11. My first good camera was a Hasselblad medium format camera, insert sound of Angels singing. I love that camera. I only wish I had a digital Hasselblad now. It took the best most crisp and perfect photos and it spoke with a German accent. I miss it. But, I don’t miss the cost of film and processing.

          12. Haha. When I read Hasselblad and before I read the angels singing I said out loud, “Oh! Miss fancypants!” Then a choir of angels. Das is goot! Yah vol.

          13. Well, yes, I suppose so. But, I didn’t know it at the time. The person I worked with shot with them and more or less made me buy one. I didn’t know at the time how nice of a camera it was. Although, to be fair, when I bought it it was not as expensive as they are now.

            I am beginning to think that you are chatting me up just to bump up your stats to make me look absurdly high compared to your mother and GF now?

          14. What other stuff did you like to photograph when you werent doing weddings? I do a fair number of head shots for people’s web sites or business cards and engagement sessions. I always enjoy those because they aren’t stressful and people are usually fun to talk to.

            I try to photograph my dog all the time and she doesn’t like it.

            I also took some pretty nerdy photos you would love of our server room at work the other day. I totally got my nerd on with wires and flashing lights for a newsletter. (And get this, the inside and technical inner workings of one of our patrol cars. Random but fun.) One never knows what they will shoot next.

          15. I did some commercial work for a studio back east. But I mostly enjoyed portraits and nature photography. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of photoshop tweaking and having fun with it. Did a series a few years ago that got me some sales and a few exhibits. My Atlantean Antiquities series. I took photos of ancient Roman and Greek statues and then duplicated the lighting and pose in studio with real models. Then superimposed the two for a creepy result. Sold like hot cakes.

          16. That’s super interesting. I would love to see them.

            I’m not very good at the actual selling of my photos part.

            Most of my favorites have been animals photos at zoos and some of my travel stuff.

            Would love to do more but it’s really more of a hobby than anything to make money at. I have the government for that. πŸ˜‰

          17. The idea was to have them in a dark gallery with round walls so they would circle you. Then have tight spotlights on the eyes. So when you went to go look at the Art, you find that the art is looking at you. It was an experiment that never truly was seen to its completion. My dad got real sick then and it flipped my world upside-down.

          18. Have you ever been to the haunted house at Disneyland? They have all those paintings there that have eyes that follow you as you go by. It kind of reminds me of those but with the artistic painting aspect of it. It’s like Disney haunted house meets the Louvre in Paris.

          19. Never been to Disneyland actually. Never ever. I have a crackpot theory that after WWII, all the Nazi created the Disney corporation to hide out and get up to no good. It’s not not true.

          20. Oh, it goes deep!! Lucas is now a patsy. He discovered the truth and they took away his precious Star Wars. It goes deep indeed.

            I’ve said too much. We’re both in danger. Run!!

          21. I have some Thai yellow curry to contend with here. I better get to it. It’s been an absolute pleasure talking with you this evening. Best of luck with the burning of your crops/weeds. And many happy regards for the new year my friend.

          1. I can’t tell you how palpable my glee was when you replied “what babe”! I’m at my desk at work saying, “say it! Say it!”

            That said, you stopped short and due to my mild case of OCD, I’ll have to finish here…

            … What power?
            The power of voodoo.
            Who do?
            You do.
            Do what?
            … Remind me of the babe.

            Phew, I feel better now. And in my minds eye, I’m trying very hard not to stare at David’s goblin king package.



            Damn it!

          2. Lol!! Haha I so wanted to keep going but then felt bad like you would feel obligated and irritated to continue it!! Now I’m sorry I didn’t lol!

            And omg yes David Bowie’s “package” is so prominent in the original!! I watched the film a few years ago and was like- ‘wtf, where’s his junk?’ And then I found out there was an edit made to cut some of that out. So lame. I’m going to make sure to watch the original tonight. You know… because I’m creepy like that. Hehe.

            Ah okay now I’m going to go work on a David Bowie post! Can’t help myself…

          3. I’m doing a dedication as well. Well, I’m hijacking my current post and forcing a union with David Bowie despite the gigantic stretch between subject matter. Because I can.

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