My Recent Fine Art Acquisition…of Dog Portraiture!

Okay, admittedly, I am one of those dog owners that takes things a little too far. Mind Your Dirt has forced me from the shadows of social media for the sake of self preservation and achieving readership, posterity and valor. Occasionally I abuse this “power” to shamelessly promote the awesomeness of my pup Sasha or the general cuteness of my chickens. It is in this vein that I share with you a recent commissioned piece that I just received from an artist that you haven’t heard about. Yet! Keep a watchful eye out for the work of Joyce Oder. She’s an up-and-comer and so talented.

Several months ago I heard through my many grapevines that she was taking on commissions and having seen her drawings in the past I couldn’t resist tossing an idea I’ve had floating around my crusty noggin for a few years now. I’ve always wanted a portrait of Sasha and I in a classic turn-of-the-century pose and attire. I imagined a lovely old-timey portrait hanging over a mantle in my imaginary library. Not your typical commission request, but that’s me all over; atypical.

So, in your minds eye, picture a giant red velvet curtain parting to reveal this beautiful and odd gem…

Me and Sasha the Husky Lab
Lord and Lady Gielow in a whimsical repose.

This very well may be the best money I’ve ever spent and will bring me years of happiness. It will also serve to further the ridiculousness of my life. Now I just need a fireplace and a library to hang it in! One step at a time.

15 Replies to “My Recent Fine Art Acquisition…of Dog Portraiture!”

    1. I thank you m’lady. I bear in mind that our furry friends will not always be with us. In that regard, I want a whole arsenal of warm reminders. This includes my mustache by the way…

    1. I have an urge to get portraits done of all the chickens too! Perhaps it’s time to bust out my art box and get to it! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; when left to my own devices, madness ensues! Sweet, beautiful madness.

  1. What? You mean there are people out there who don’t shamelessly share their furchildren’s likeness with the world? Unfit parents, if you ask me. Burt

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