A Huge Step for Piper!

They grow up so fast! Not a month ago she finally learned how to use the ladder so I didn’t have to literally put her to bed every night.

Then, she finally made her way halfway up. And promptly stopped and slept there.


After a week of that, she finally went all the way inside. A week after that, she discovered the luxurious second floor loft apartment.

Tonight she did it! Jumped all the way to the perch! I’m as proud as can be. My fluffball is smarter than I thought. Synapses are firing left and right! That’s my girl Piper!

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  1. Wow – that silky is too cute! Although these cute animals are often brighter than we give them credit for and get us wrapped around their little fingers, after all, she got you to put her to bed every night 🙂

    1. She really is adorable. Not sure if you ever saw the movie Gremlins or not, but she makes little Gizmo noises when I pay her a visit. Little coos and purring sounds. It makes my heart swell and burst every time. She’s also the very bottom of the pecking order, which only makes her more endearing. I hope you’re having a wonderful 2015 so far! Happy New Year Jen!

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