Memories of Spring for my Buffalo Peeps

I write this with an ounce of humility. Being from my home town of Buffalo, NY has afforded me a bit of street cred when it comes to getting humbled by weather of all sorts. Living in San Diego for the last 16 years partially wipes away that hard earned street cred. But not all of it.

I wanted to give all my friends and family that are still there, a little vacation from the recent storm that has blasted them with record levels of snow. Over seven feet in some areas!


I could be in the middle of this right now. I have been there in the past, but then I escaped after the winter of 1998-1999, which was very close to this years winter. Which has also barely just begun. I ran away to the land of listless silicone junkies and purveyors of the almighty image and vibe. Just so I could push a green sprout all year long. I arrived with a vast and priceless arsenal of humility tempered with general toughness and fortitude. Weapons honed after 26 years of serious Buffalo winters that I wear with great pride even to this day. And will continue to until I am put in the ground.

If you know the good people of Buffalo like I do, you’ll know that this will not put a dent in their ability to deal with these tribulations with grace and humor. It’s times like these that seem to only prove to increase the bond they have with one another. Buffalonians don’t loose their heads. They don’t lash out or loot or yell at one another. They get out of their cars and help strangers who are stuck. They climb neighbors roofs and shovel snow off to prevent collapse. They chip in, roll up their sleeves and get the job done. And they do it with a warmth and humor that I’ve never seen in any other community in my life. I am, and always will be, proud to be a Buffalonian. The City of Good Neighbors, The City of Light (thanks to Nikola Tesla!), The Nickel, The Rough Buff, and my favorite, The City of No Illusions.

So, to all my amazing friends and family, I offer you this momentary glimpse of what is to come. Albeit, in several long hard months. For your viewing pleasure, here are some images of spring from my yard this last year.

Just remember that under that huge blanket of snow are all the seeds and roots to all sorts of natural beauty that will soon be poking their heads out. Before too long, you will feel the warm breeze on your face, be kissed by the hot sun and dipping your toes in Lake Erie or the mighty Niagara. Until then, do what I know you always will; take care of one another, have more laughs than your belly can support and have a round on me! And if the weather gets too much to bear any longer, you will always have a place in my home for a much needed recharge and a trip to warm sandy beaches.

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  1. I wanted to keep reading to get to the part where it said you were on your way home to help your people. That part never appeared. I am crushed. Heartbroken. But I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of your blog entry. Really I did.

    1. Thank you Agnes! I shot those with a brand new prime lens. It opens up to 1.8 which allows for a beautiful bokeh. I too am showing signs of winter here, but for me it’s a welcome break from searing heat and drought.

  2. I thought of you when I saw Buffalo getting buried under all this snow. Great post!! I was waiting to see what you’d put out. So heartwarming, witty as always and these pictures are gorgeous:)

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