The Project

Ever find yourself trapped in your own life? I was. I still am in many ways. I felt that I was doing everything that was expected of me in order to stay on the path of success and thusly, happiness. Only problem was, I wasn’t too happy.

I stayed in school, even went to college. I’ve been working constantly since I was 11 years old. Did everything I was supposed to do. Yet, something was missing.

I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone is in a state of constantly searching for what it is that makes them truly happy. My search has been more chaotic than most. I bounce around with different interests or hobbies. I quickly grow tired of the career paths I chose and then try desperately to switch them up before it’s too late and I become trapped. My last (and current) trappings have me reeling in that overwhelming feeling of dissatisfaction. That’s why I’m here, writing this blog. I need help.

How many people have told you that you should only do the job that you truly love. Or find your passion and then turn it into a career? I get that all the time. Usually because I’m complaining and, to my audience, that’s the best solution. But how the hell do you actually do that? I have so many interests and hobbies, how do I choose one that I will be happy with for the rest of my working life? I think maybe the secret is to do what makes you happy now, and then wing it when it comes to the long game.

So, why am I here? I’m here because I want to, no, NEED to share my passions in hopes that it leads to me doing what I should be doing to get that feeling of satisfaction back in my life. I’m here to help you do the same. Or, more accurately, we can help each other.

The essential framework of this blog is gardening, but it will be way more extensive than that. My audience should possess a much broader love than simply wanting to know the best time to fertilize the lemon tree or how to properly prune and train your bonsai (although, I will tell you all of this and more). My audience should have a much broader interest in this blog. Essentially, you must have a drive to love and nurture all living things.

Not in a willy nilly way either. In an obsessive way that goes with you outside the walls or fences of your backyard and carries you into the world around you oozing with a constant state of awe at every beautiful and complex living thing. That is my passion. I am mesmerized by the nature of the universe and I want to celebrate that with you.

So, basically, we will be talking about horticulture. We will also be talking about animal husbandry. But it won’t stop there by a long shot.  We will also wax scientific and even spiritual. We will talk about the aesthetics of landscaping, the importance of placement and form while keeping a mindful watch on the big picture of your projects. I’ll be here to share my projects in hopes that it will inspire you. I will answer questions that you may have for methodology or help you troubleshoot any issues that you are having. Not just in the garden either. Let’s not be afraid to get off script here. I did start out my education as a philosophy major, so I’m not afraid to wax poetic.

I’d like to thank you in advance for showing an interest and, as I mentioned earlier, we are here to help each other. I won’t claim to be an expert so I’ll rely on your comments just as much as you will come to rely on my posts. There is, however, a really good chance that the trouble you’re experiencing now is something I’ve dealt with already. If I can’t give you the answer then we will find it out together. Together we will relieve ourselves of the above mentioned trappings and actively change the world around us for the better. We will start in our yards, porches or windowsills. We will start with the smallest of saplings and grow a forest. We will take that vacant lot and transform it to a paradise.

Are you ready?

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