A Message to my WordPress Subscribers

It’s Moving Day!

Just a quick note to all the subscribers of Mind Your Dirt that have WordPress accounts. I have switched the site over to a self-hosted account and, although you can still see my posts in the Reader, you will no longer receive notifications of new posts via email. I’ve made my own *Brexit. Or Direxit? Mind Your Direxit? I’ll work on that…

I can sense your growing panic, but please put down that pitch fork and dry those tears. There is a very simple and quick solution to bring balance into this jaded world. Simply enter your email over there on the right and click the “I’m So Good Looking” button. Then we can be reunited in this brave new world of caring and sharing! Huzzah!

Did you click it? You’re soooo good looking!!

To those subscribers that don’t have a WordPress account, you don’t have to do a thing! While you were sleeping I stole you away in the night and tucked you in all cozy like over here on the new site. Didn’t even notice did you? Mind Your Dirt will take care of you, don’t worry.

So you may notice a few changes on the site as I play around with new features in a heated panic, desperately trying to not hit the self-destruct button while doing so. This move has been something I’ve wanted to do for over a year but have been afraid to. I imagined that I’d lose everything and everyone. While it wasn’t free of annoying head-scratching panicked moments and late night coding searches, it was far less troublesome than I imagined. Now the site will bend to my whims.

Let me know if you have any troubles or questions and welcome to the future!

*By the way, how crazy is that situation?! There is an ancient Chinese cures (debatable origins): May you live in interesting times. Looks like the curse is upon us because these days are end times kinds crazy! I hope this doesn’t cause a cascading domino effect and completely dismantle the EU. Personally, I’m ready for the end of the world. My zombie preparedness kit is updated, sharpened and ready for action! Is yours?