A Great Egret in Balboa Park


One of the many amazing perks for working at the San Diego Museum of Art is that it’s nestled smack-dab in the middle of Balboa Park and adjacent to the San Diego Zoo. This brings all manner of critters directly into my path from work to my car.

Today was no exception. This great egret has spent the winter here in sunny warm San Diego enjoying some yummy fish from the giant koi pond in front of the Botanical Building. They’re here on vacation while the rest of the country slumbers under its cold white blanket.

When the spring begins to heat up a bit she’ll begin her long journey across the country for breeding season in the central and southeastern parts of the US.

In the meantime, she’s just another of many tourists taking up all our parking spots. *grumble grumble… tourists *

The Ocean View Growing Grounds Made the Paper!!

I’ve been a bit busy lately. Not only in the yard fighting the dreaded influx of weeds that had taken over almost every square inch, but also at the community garden up the street. We’ve been tidying up the space and surveying the area to layout the locations of the future greenhouse and the many beds so that my neighbors can finally begin sowing the seeds of change in our food desert.

The Saturday before last, I led the charge to have 12, 12 foot by 4 foot raised beds constructed on the lot. No small feat in the blazing sun and Santa Anna dry hot winds. It just so happened that we had a San Diego Union Tribune reporter and photographer on site that day as well.

Well, today they printed the article! And there’s even a quote from the babbling baboon that is yours truly! So, in lieu of all this hard work, it is my hope that you will find the means to forgive my lack of blog post writing as of late. It seems that the very moment I become sedentary, I immediately pass out. Sometimes before I can jump in the shower and sometimes with a full beer in my hand growing warm as I snore and bore my girlfriend and my dog. Apologies all around!

That said, check out the article! I hope I don’t get sued for posting an article from the Union Tribune?! Do they still have William Randolf Hearst like lawyers? Gulp! Rosebud… Continue reading “The Ocean View Growing Grounds Made the Paper!!”