Hummingbird Bath Time

Just about every morning one of the first things I do is take my dog out into the backyard and simply enjoy the early morning activities of all the little creatures. The early morning light makes for a beautiful setting and it’s the best way to set the tone for the long day of work and toil. One of my stops is by the waterfall/pond to watch the hummingbirds taking their morning baths. Every day, like clockwork they vie for the prime spot and take turns drinking and washing their tiny little selves right at the topmost slate stone.

I find it entertaining and extremely soothing as my eyes remember how to open up and my brain slowly lifts the fog of the night’s dreams. I only wish I had better video equipment and a better lens to really show you the beauty of it. Until then, this smartphone video will have to suffice. I recommend watching it in HD for the best viewing experience.

Enjoy this moment of morning zen!

Night Time in the Garden

Every now and again, I like to do some long exposures and paint the scenery in with flashlights. I think this one was about three to four minutes. I even painted the palm trees in the background. Notice that the stars are streaking across the skies as the shutter lags. The only constant star would be the North Star, but I was facing East here. This post is short, simple and meant to inspire. Did it work?

A night time view of the new paths and beds.