Repurposing An Old Privacy Fence

It was a cold December morning back in 2012. Well, as cold as San Diego gets in December that is. I had just bought my first home and was overly excited about all the projects I had rolling around in my mind. The house itself had just been flipped by investors so I had little work to do inside. Which suited me just fine and dandy because the outside is where I was itching to get busy. But there was a huge privacy fence smack dab in the center of my backyard. Continue reading “Repurposing An Old Privacy Fence”

Passion fruit vine as a natural privacy fence

You’ve heard of keeping up with the Jones’ before. How about keeping away from the Jones’? Sometimes having a bit of privacy for your yard is a great way to escape into your own paradise without the feeling of prying eyes. Seriously, weird guy who lives in a RV and drinks brandy from red Solo cups. What’s your deal? Perhaps today is a good day for pants?! I digress. Continue reading “Passion fruit vine as a natural privacy fence”