Salad Fixin's: Spicing Up the Mundane Romaine

I’m getting ready for a mini vacation. I don’t get many and when I do I tend to focus on the cheaper stay-cations and end up doing more work in the yard than I would ever do at the museum. Doesn’t do much for my weary back and sore muscles. But not this time. This time I’m going to Palm Springs to sit by the pool and sip many cocktails and have many laughs.

We rented a house and are meeting up with old friends from Portland and LA. Our plans are simple, eat, drink, swim, sit and relax. Finally.

I decided that I should bring some food from the garden so I’ve loaded up with fresh eggs for breakfasts and then noticed that the romaine lettuce was just too perfect to leave behind. Then I realized that I also have some blue borage and some nasturtium that would make an excellent addition to the salad. So while packing and prepping the dog for a desert voyage, I took a little harvesting break. And, apparently a blogging break as well. I’m going to be soooo late!

Here’s the romaine all green and yummy looking. Followed by the borage whose flowers have already been harvested.
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Life After the Drought

I feel like I just awoke from a long coma. This last Thanksgiving was full of mirth to the point of making me a useless blob. My hobbies have included laying East/West on the couch watching Netflix, laying West/East on the couch watching Netflix, steadily observing the physical changes (or lack there of) of piles of dirty dishes and generally boring the shit out of my dog, my girlfriend and you, my gentle readers. For that I am sorry. Not so sorry that I didn’t enjoy the indulgence of my inertia or revel in my lethargy. Because I truly did. But, I’m back now. At least until Christmas rolls around. Continue reading “Life After the Drought”