The Backyard Progress Report: December 2014

Happy New Year to all my friends out there on the Interwebs. I thought I’d take the morning to snap a few photos of random whatsits around the yard. Of course, Mia was out and causing trouble. Luckily the cold weather hasn’t done any noticeable damage to any of the plants. I’m leery of complaining about the cold weather living here in SoCal when compared to the rest of the country. So I won’t complain, I’ll just gently and softly mention that it’s been a wee bit chilly. Why just the other night, I had to wear a coat!! The very idea! Anyway, here are some nice photos to gaze your eyes upon… Continue reading “The Backyard Progress Report: December 2014”

The Wonderful Legume! Nature's nitrogen fixer and fertilizer you can eat.

Beans beans, the magical fruit…

Have you ever started a new bed or a new garden only to be vastly disappointed with the general shabbiness of the growth? You’ve watered it the right way, given it plenty of sunshine. Maybe you even sang to the plants. Yet still, somehow, nothing really takes off the way it should.

One of the causes could be the quality of your dirt. We must always mind our dirt! It may be devoid of the proper levels of nutrients needed for healthy happy plant growth. If you want your plants to grow big and strong, one of the best ways is to give it nitrogen! Plants are like people, they love water, fresh air and sunshine but they also need to eat. Continue reading “The Wonderful Legume! Nature's nitrogen fixer and fertilizer you can eat.”