Passion fruit vine as a natural privacy fence

You’ve heard of keeping up with the Jones’ before. How about keeping away from the Jones’? Sometimes having a bit of privacy for your yard is a great way to escape into your own paradise without the feeling of prying eyes. Seriously, weird guy who lives in a RV and drinks brandy from red Solo cups. What’s your deal? Perhaps today is a good day for pants?! I digress. Continue reading “Passion fruit vine as a natural privacy fence”

Pig, meet dog. Dog, I'd like to introduce you to pig.



I’ve volunteered to babysit this cute potbelly pig named Hamilton for a friend while she’s abroad. My dog, Sasha, is mesmerized by the general oddness of her new friend. I’ll be keeping the pig in the chicken paddock during the day while I’m at work. So far, he’s escaped once. Tomorrow is another day and he will try again. My biggest fear is that he is smarter than I am.