A Ripe Pineapple!?

Can it be true? My 3.5 year experiment with a pineapple plant has finally bore fruit? It’s small, but looks like it’s ready to harvest. Does anyone out there know for sure? I’ve read that when it turns yellow it’s ready to go. Continue reading “A Ripe Pineapple!?”

Sailing in Lieu of Gardening

I was invited to go sailing today despite a growing list of yard chores that needed doing. The healthy rains have caused a mass influx of weeds throughout the yard. I looked at them in frustration this morning trying to figure out a plan of attack.

Then, a phone call changed all that. Next thing you know, we’re on the sea and enjoying a beautiful warm sunny day. The water was calm and gorgeous. And Sasha was able to get her very first boat experience! She loved it. Continue reading “Sailing in Lieu of Gardening”

Winter Pruning of the Coastal Coral Tree (Erythrina caffra)

Ever since I began my journey studying the art of bonsai, I have been obsessed with harmonious tree patterns. How the branches relate to each other, the shape of the trunk and the root flair (or nebari in bonsai circles) as well as the silhouette of the tree as a whole are all fascinating to me. When working with bonsai, we are always trying to exaggerate these traits to make the tree appear as majestic as its full sized versions. Many of the techniques and designs used on bonsai can also translate into a full sized tree. Now whenever I plant a tree, I can’t help but think about what branches will be dominant, what will be pruned and how I want to tree to grow. My days of just planting and letting nature take over are long gone. Continue reading “Winter Pruning of the Coastal Coral Tree (Erythrina caffra)”