Piper Tries to Steal a Bone from Sasha.

The timeless battle between chicken and dog has typically been very one sided. Until now! Piper, while deathly afraid of other chickens, seems to have no problem at all trying to snatch a bone from the jaws of my very wolf-like dog! It’s short but sweet, so enjoy!

Would you like to learn how to train your dog to not kill your chickens? Who wouldn’t? Go here for more!

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  1. Very cute. James what came first – dog or chickens? Wondering how your dog isn’t bothered by the chicken. Wondering how I could ever have chickens with our two dogs.

    1. The dog came first. It took a bit of training to get her to see them as family members and not really animated squeak toys. I wrote a how to about it earlier. It’s here… https://mindyourdirt.com/2015/01/09/how-to-train-your-dog-to-not-kill-your-chickens/

      Sasha even protects the chickens from other dogs or people now. An added bonus! The smaller dog in the video, having never met the chickens before, would get over excited at times. Sasha would jump in between him and the hens and block any further insult from occurring. I couldn’t be more proud.

      Long story short, in the end it’s better to have dogs with chickens. They’ll keep them safe when properly trained. So go get some hens!

    1. Agreed! I’m super blessed to have such well behaved animals. Sasha is THE best dog I’ve ever met. Her sweetness and manners are through the roof. I’ve said it before, I don’t deserve all these amazing creatures in my life, my girlfriend included, but I’m so grateful that I have them. I must be doing something really right for such gifts. Hope I don’t blow it!

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