My Very First Egg. Ever!

I woke up this morning at a little past five. It was pouring rain outside and it hasn’t truly rained here at all over the past two years. I’ve been building all these dry riverbeds and leveling slopes and drainage ditches to reclaim all the rainfall into all of my beds over the past two years so having actual rain to test everything is more than helpful to know if I got the job done properly.

So I leaped out of bed and grabbed my umbrella and a flashlight to do the rounds. Everything was working as it should and I was feeling very accomplished and self satisfied. In my half awake state, I decided to check on the chicken coop to make sure that it was water tight and the girls were safe and warm. That was also up to par.

Before walking away and slipping back into my warm bed loaded with loving girlfriend and loving dog, I spied a tiny little egg in the hay! My first ever, or should I say Pipers first ever! This is it folks. After all my hard work and patience, I am officially a egg farmer! I farm now!

This is most likely nothing new or exciting for some of my readers, but it’s a huge deal to me. It means that I’m doing something right, something healthy and something ancient and lost to most city folk like me. It marks a big step to my continued goal of more self sufficiency. So, without further ado, I present to you Pipers first egg!


Beautiful isn’t it! I will leave it out on the counter in hopes that tomorrow will bring yet another one. Then, I will have the smallest fried egg breakfast ever had. I will use the tiniest of my plates and the tiniest of my forks and pretend that I am a giant. A giant eating the freshest eggs he’s ever eaten. Can you tell I’m excited?

In order to make this a slightly educational post, instead of a simple jubilant Facebook-like rant, I  will tell you something about refrigerating fresh laid eggs. There is a protective coating  on the shell of this egg that will keep it safe at room temperature for a week or two without refrigeration. You should wash this off when you plan to eat it, but not before. If you do wash the egg, THEN it needs to be refrigerated right away. I’d avoid this were I you. Room temperature eggs are  better for cooking anyways. Also, whats the point of having fresh eggs if you don’t eat them right away! Just a thought. Have a great day friends and a happy and warm Thanksgiving to my American/Canadian readers!


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    1. Thanks Cynthia! I’m so proud of my little Piper. For all her tragedy and lost loves, she still carries on. My little cooing puff ball is all grown up. Sniff sniff. I might be a little bit more excited than a single tiny egg merits, but I’m going to go ahead with it regardless.

  1. That’s just great and gives so much pleasure! I was glad with your tip on keeping eggs, I just bought a dozen yesterday from the farmers market, I usually keep them in the fridge but for some reason decided to store them in a nice bowl on the kitchen top. Eggs look so nice as well as taste nice, your tip was helpful, thank you.

    1. Good morning gaiainaction! I’ll need to learn your name for a proper greeting. Good morning none the less! The only caution that I’ve read is if the coating has been washed off of the egg or not. Ask your farmer if they wash the eggs before selling them. Which I imagine they would for presentation purposes. If they do, then the eggs are more susceptible to bacteria and should be refrigerated for safety. Piper didn’t lay one today, so my mini breakfast will have to wait.
      You’re in Ireland aren’t you? I’d LOVE to go there one day. I’m in San Diego, and have been for 16 years this month. Originally from Buffalo, NY. Not sure if you’ve received the news but they’re getting a healthy dose of snow lately. I’m thinking about doing a post that you may like. Photos I took of last Springs flowers in my yard to offer a mini vacation to all my Buffalo brethren out there.

      And to my other readers, check out gaiainaction’s wonderful photos on her blog!

      1. Thanks for your kind reply James, how nice of you. I’m called Agnes, I’m Flemish and living in Ireland for a very long time now – please to meet you 🙂
        Gosh I must ask my farmer is she washes the eggs because she may well do so and the eggs look real clean though they are organic.
        I’m already looking forward to your spring flowers. I did hear about the snow in NY, my goodness, and of course I love snow, but they got a bit too much lately over there. We seldom get snow in the south of Ireland, but when it does snow it is incredibly beautiful as you can imagine! and if you ever come to Ireland, don’t be a stranger.
        Have a very nice day.

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