Chilling Out with Chickens and Dogs, and Other Thanksgiving Adventures

Yet another Ocean Beach Orphan Thanksgiving has come and gone. This year we had about thirteen people, so a “small” gathering indeed. I did a 22 pound turkey just in case though. Guess what I’m eating for lunch this week! That’s right, ham!! I managed to get both the house and the backyard in order before the quests arrived and I even had a moment to relax in front of the roaring fire with my Cousin Eddie traditional holiday shoes. Nothing says the holidays like some sweet patent leather white loafing shoes!

Thanksgiving 2015_02_The quiet before the storm


Once guests arrived, it was a flurry of activity and binge eating. Not a lot of photos to be had, except of course for my old dog Hunter who’s new owner brought along so that he and Sasha could chew on one another for countless hours. That, and to receive cuddles from yours truly. Here he is asking for love…

Thanksgiving 2015_04_Hunter wanting Love

And here he is receiving it!

Thanksgiving 2015_03_Cuddling with Hunter

The next few days I had the pleasure of relaxing and catching up on yard chores. Such as finally planting my Winter garden. I had one major issue to deal with first however. Deadly and destructive secretive little bastards called nematodes!

Thanksgiving 2015_04b_Nematode and Egg


Hideous little bastards aren’t they? Well, these guys completely wiped out my summer crops which is why I haven’t boasted them on here this year. It’s hard to know when you have them unless you pull the plants out and examine the roots. Little nodes appear on the roots that are a tell-tale sign. Above the surface, all you’ll see are wilted and meager crops and sad farmers.

The best way (I hope) to deal with them is to introduce predatory nematodes. Fight fire with fire. They’ll seek out and eat all the harmful ones with great fervor! As this is a new trick for me, I’m wondering if any of my readers have experienced this or have any tips or advice. I’m all ears and will keep you posted on the results.

The good news is that I did some soil sampling and I finally have my pH completely neutral!! Take that San Diego alkaline soil! Here I am planting cabbage, broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts in the freshly treated soil with a little help from Piper and Sasha. A very little help.

Thanksgiving 2015_01_Feature Image_Planting the winter crops with chicken and dog

I was also afforded some time to just chill out and enjoy the warm sunny day in the yard. Some much needed cuddle time with all my girls.

Thanksgiving 2015_06_Sasha and Me

Thanksgiving 2015_010_Me and Piper

And of course, the girls also hung out with each other.

Thanksgiving 2015_05_Sasha and Piper

And lastly, a small harvest of a large pomegranate from my first year tree. Nury wanted me to grow them for her to consume, so all the crops go directly to her as I’m not a huge fan. I was, however, very impressed with the size and yield of the tree after only one growing season. Just look at this guy!

Thanksgiving 2015_07_Harvesting Giant Pomegranates

And my lady seems pleased and satiated. One must keep their loved ones satiated y’all!

Thanksgiving 2015_08_Nury with Giant Pomegranate

Well, that’s it for now. More to come soon. How was your Thanksgiving? Any good stories to share? Also, anyone experience nematodes before? I’d love to get some feedback!!!

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  1. OK, LOVE THE HOLIDAY SHOES IN FRONT OF THE “FIRE.” Woah yelling.I hope the Sad Farmer has a happier winter crop. Sasha looks like quite the farmer basking in the sun while you do all the work. Now, the little fluf-in on the other hands looks like she is nothing but help. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! I didn’t see anything in your post about your Black Friday shopping tales? 😉

    1. I also have the official moose mugs, but that’s for Christmas. Life without tradition is like some weird guy on a roof with a fiddle or something.

      Yeah, Piper is actually marginally helpful! She pecks and scratches the soil for me. Sasha is only helpful at food disposal and stress relief. Which is enough.

      Indeed, there is nothing about Black Friday because I don’t participate in such gross consumerism. Peace and reflection are what’s needed after Thanksgiving. That and hangover cures.

      1. Yah, if Sasha is anything like Amelia the Bulldog she will come over and paw at your face while you are down at the ground digging holes. Or you will grab for your tool and find it in her mouth being chewed on over in the shade. Oh wait there’s more…or she will be over rolling in something after being freshly bathed. Nevertheless, she is the one I love.

        1. Hahaha, typical! Sasha is pretty well behaved in the garden. She knows where not to tread and only comes over for scratches and kisses which only serves to make me smile and my heart to swell and burst.

          What would we do without of furry friends to give us perspective?

    1. That is one of the great things about living in a Mediterranean climate; constant gardening. No frosts to kill off stragglers.

      How are you doing Agnes? It’s always great to hear from you.

      1. Thanks James I’m well and busy. One of these days I will write an update on my gardening also 🙂 not much happening there now as constant stormy weather and very wet. Have a nice day.

          1. Not much down here in S.W. Ireland, but higher up north they do. Here is the mild climate due to the gulf stream. So far it has been quite mild, we get frost but only just under minus 0. I love snow though!

          2. I’ve had enough snow to last a lifetime when I lived in Buffalo. If you see snow, tell it I say hello and not to call me. I’ll call it when I’m ready 😉

  2. that chicken is amazing! to be honest, I am not that fond of chicken after my grandma’s rooster attacked me repeatetly, when I was a little kid. but your chicken looks all fluffy and loveable

  3. Omg that is a huge pomegranate!! Ah it’s one of my dreams to have a pomegranate tree- I lived in Berkeley, CA for awhile and there was a stall every year at the market that brought in the most beautiful organic pomegranates- all bursting open- I’ve had a really hard time finding good ones at the grocery store this year- like only 1 in 3 have been good, making it too expensive to bother!


    1. Well, if I can pry one away from my girlfriend’s eagle claws, I’d be more than happy to send you some. She covets them like dragon eggs. Also in season.

      I highly recommend you search all things Piper on here. That cuddly little fluffball is beyond entertaining. Somewhere here I have a video of her trying to steal Sasha’s (my pup) bone. It’ll tickle your fancy for certain.

      Also, have I mentioned how much I love your posts? My favoritest thing to Internet. All of my awesome readers should Internet Problems with Infinity as well. Go forth.

      1. Thank you so much!! I’ve just been in a down swing these past few days so that means a lot 😀 And I’m definitely going to search out more on Piper!! So freaking cute! I had a chicken living with me in my apartment for a few months (long story)- but she was seriously so fun and hilarious!

        1. “Why do we fall down master Bruce?”

          “because you keep pushing me down the stairs Alfred. You dick”

          I am all too familiar with the ebb and flow. Moody little creatures are we. There are times I get in more funk than the 70s.

          As for the furry dinosaur, there are a couple videos on my meager YouTube channel.

          There’s an odd disconnect between me and chickens. Like I still don’t trust their dinosaur ways. Something primal.

          Piper has been the gateway for a happier union. She has very mammal like qualities that my lizard brain can better relate to.

          1. lolol on the stair pushing!!
            Just watched “Piper the silkie chicken taking a dirt bath” – she’s so adorable ahh!! I know what you mean about the dinosaur ways of chickens- I think that’s why my raptor self feels more connected to them 🙂

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