Meet Bernie and Hen Solo

The results are in for the Official MYD Name my Hens Contest™ and it was a close one folks! In the end, the hens decided on their favorite names. I had absolutely nothing to do with the decision making here and am but a slave to the whims of tiny dinosaurs.

Congratulations to Miscellinnie and Nury for the name of Bernie for my plucky Rhode Island Red and to Jack Burton for the name of Hen Solo for the adventurous Black Sex Link.

They took their sweet time in deciding too and when I placed the dry-erase board in the coop for their brainstorming sessions, they tended to poop all over it. But, then again, they tend to poop all over everything. However, after much deliberation, they finally have selected their favorites.

Ronald Reagan was the next runner up for the Rhode Island Red so kudos to the husband of Jenny from Bulldog Travels for that brilliant name!

Sasha was finally able to meet the hens face to face too. I wanted to make sure that my training methods still applied to new additions to the flock. They did in spades!

Bernie and Hen Solo 02_Sasha meets the girls face to face

We then did a nice photo session to help celebrate their new names. I’ve photographed a lot of subjects in my life and can safely say that chickens are one of the hardest things to shoot. The only thing harder was when I shot Buffalo Sabers games back in college. So much movement and with a shallow depth of field, damn near impossible to get the eyes in focus. So, out of the 150 photos I took, here are 14 that turned out decent. Enjoy!

And for those of you that are not sick and tired of looking at chicken videos, here’s the girls playing around in the adult section of the chicken run for a supervised play-date with the big mean girls.

I love watching them jump around with excitement like the little kids that they are. Especially in the beginning where Hen Solo tries to eat citrus leaves from the satsuma tree. Silly Solo, the scruffy looking nerf-herder.

Thanks again to all those that helped with your amazing submissions!

24 Replies to “Meet Bernie and Hen Solo”

    1. There will be a Ronald Reagan added to the flock. Of this I am determined! My friend has a dog named Oprah Winfrey which has always amused me. Just for the assumed amusing conversation. “Oprah Winfrey! Don’t poop in the kitchen!!” or “Oprah Winfrey, stop licking yourself!”

        1. Terrible presidents are only funny in retrospect.A pet named Nixon for example is in good taste. A pet named Ronald Reagan is pushing the boundaries. A pet named George W. Bush is too soon and a pet named Donald Trump is just evil! I have a chart here somewhere…

    1. I told them what you said and they tilted their heads and pooped! Which is a glowing review in chicken terms. They seem to be way more comfortable than I remember the other girls being at that age. They come right up and peck at my butt like it’s no big whoop. They do bitch a lot when I pick them up, but they’ll get used to that in short order.

    1. At least something will enjoy it! I kept saying to myself, “you need to edit this video, it’s boring as hell”. But I couldn’t get my editing program to convert the file so I gave up and just posted it. I did it for your cat, that’s the ticket!

        1. Speaking of loose chickens, I just was chasing Hen Solo around the yard for the fifth morning in a row. She is an escape artist. It’s time to introduce her to the carbonite machine.

          1. Poor Chewbacca! He must be so sad now that his buddy is gone. That’s the worst part of my nerd sadness. Also, Leia totally dissed him afterwards. Never dis a wookie.

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