All Creatures Living in Harmony.

Just a simple moment in the garden today. I’m so proud of Sasha and how good she is with the girls now.

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    1. Indeed I am! And rather quickly too. I leave Piper out all day to keep her from getting bullied. She also does a great job of hunting bugs without making a huge mess of the beds in the process. During the day, I will spend some time indoors, or run a quick errand and the dog keeps a protective watch over the flock during those times. What you see here in the video is what would be going on if I wasn’t around. I spied on them once and saw no mischief at all. Harmony.

        1. I did that one post about how to train the dog to do just this. If you haven’t read it, check it out. There’s a lot of nay sayers out there that claim it’s impossible or it depends on the breed, but all dogs react to operant conditioning no matter the breed. I demand harmony amongst my ladies!

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